girls capri leggings discovered in blender

We don’t live in a big house, but since we are a family of four with a dog and a cat and a goldfish, things have a way of going missing.  There’s been some speculation that we must have a poltergeist since items magically appear and disappear, but the truth is, there’s a more simple and logical explanation.  We are just a family of 4 mindless people who are careless and barely cognizant of our surroundings.  Let me give you an example.  We’ve misplaced stuff as small as a set of keys, and junk as big as a tv set.  Heck, once we could figure out where our fridge went.  Turns out, the painters moved it into the garage without telling us.  It took us a good half hour to figure that out.  How embarrassing.   But the latest instance came when my little one could find her favorite pair of girls capri leggings (last seen here.)  Capri leggings are very popular in our home because there are so many girls.  There’s three in total.  Four if you count my slightly feminine husband, Leonardo.  We often wear these girls leggings when it’s cold out and we want to stay warm underneath our skirts and dresses.  Sometimes we wear our capris when we simply want to dress up or make an ordinarily dull outfit more jazzy and fashionable.  That’s because they have mismatched legs and cool styles.  It really is a look that makes us stand out in a crowd.  So when we couldn’t find the leggings for girls, we turned the house upside down to retrieve them.   It was quite the ordeal.

 ImageThe first place we sought for them was underneath the couch and behind the barbecue grill in the backyard.  I think most of us scoured those two areas more than anyplace else.   You would’ve thought we were searching for the treasure of Sierra Madre… that’s how valuable capri leggings for girls are in our home.  We also tore about the living room and panic room my husband installed last year after he heard the town sheriff was caught sleeping on the job.  He’s super worried that someone is going to take over our village because of it’s prime location next to the river as well as mountains.  He installed three foot thick titanium walls, a two foot concrete floor, and believe it or not, a thatched room made out of straw.  That one did not make any sense to me, but whatever.  As long as I have my girls capri leggings, I’m happy.

 In the end, do you know where they showed up?  You’ll never guess.  It was in the kitchen inside the blender.  We didn’t look there in the first place because it was full of milkshake, so who would in their right mind think to empty it out just to look for leggings for girls.  But we did, and of course, that’s right where they were.  It’s always the last place you look, don’t you think?  LOL.  Well, I’m not actually laughing out loud.  That’s juste a figure of speech the kids use on the internet.

 Anyway, I’m rambling.  That’s one of the side effects of the medication the doctor put me on.  The other is strong bouts of heaving.  That’s normal though.  I’m told.  I think.  I could be making that up.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real, and what’s a delusion.  If you would like to buy some capri leggings for girls, this is the place you should get them from.  Shop here.


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Ancient Scroll Features Girls Maxi Dress

As an anthropologist at one of this country’s leading universities, my job is to read and analyze old documents and texts in order to study past human behavior and societal evolution.  I’m basically Indian Jones without the adventure and whip.  Recently, while analyzing a four thousand year old doc from Egypt, I realized that it included a description of a girls dress along with basic instructions on how to sew it.  I gathered some of my post-doc students to assemble the appropriate materials and we began reconstruction this garment.  Several weeks later, it was completely.  And what we basically realized is that our ancestors had described how to construct a girls maxi dress like this.  Maxi dresses became very popular in Western Civilization in the 1970s, thanks to their comfortable design and fashionable styling.  But little did we know that they came from the Nile and early Mesopotamia.  Our results were peer reviewed in several prestigious journals and they too came to the same conclusion.  Maxi dresses for girls must have been a clothing item that was in vogue back in those days.


This lead our little group of researches to do some modern day study of this girls dress type.  This was as simply as performing a quick internet search.  We found many websites that sell girls maxi dresses, thus pointing to the increasingly popularity of this fun style.  One site in particular caught our eye.  It was called TwirlyGirl.  Yes, the maxi dresses for girls that they sell are quite adorable.  But this, of course, is subjective.  We also found very interesting the way they market their products.  Each girls dress comes with its own fun description.  What this clothing line is trying to suggest is that when you purchase one of their dresses, you are not just taking home a garment, you are gaining access to a fun world of imagination and creativity.  This is confirmed by their existence of a free podcast of original short stories for children.  All of my students were impressed with the way they are reaching out to their customer base by offering free content.  In the age of internet marketing, this is more important than ever.  I forwarded a link to this website to my colleagues in the business school adjunct, since I was certain they would be interested in it.  Indeed they were.  In fact, two of them came back to the me the next day and thanked me for bringing TwirlyGirl to their attention.  They wound up buying several items for their own girls.  Some were Christmas gifts, others were birthday presents, and still others were for back to school.  


It’s funny.  We set out to discover something from the past, and instead, we wound up making a great discovery about something in our present.  TwirlyGirl.  This link will take you to their home page so that you too can discover the joys of unearthing something beautiful. It will certainly bring a smile to your face, and it might even change the way you see fashion as a whole.  Have fun.  www.twirlygirlshop.comImagehion

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We saw the movie Gravity, now daughter wants girls capri leggings

We went to see the thriller Gravity this weekend.  You know, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  What a hair raising ride that was!  I don’t think I breathed throughout the whole thing.  My entire body was tense with stress.  We were only the edge of our seats the whole time and I think I kept my eyes shut during the whole thing.  Oy, that gave moi so much agida.  Anyway, we took our girl with us to view the film, and you know what her takeaway was after seeing it.  She said that we should rush home and order a pair of girls capri leggings (like these) just in case.  In the picture, Sandy B. wears a spacesuit a lot, and she was cold in it a lot.  So she reasoned that she needed some girls leggings to have on at all times, just in case she found herself aboard the space shuttle for whatever reason.  What an imagination that child has.


How funny would it have been to see one of Hollywood’s biggest stars wearing a really cute pair of capri leggings for girls in that action sequence.  Maybe the print would have been striped or the legs mismatched.  Whatever the case, it would have made me scream with delight to witness that.  You see, plot, story, special effects, drama and humor are completely meaningless to me when I go to the cinema.  The only thing that matters to me are the costumes, so naturally it would have been totally awesome and spectacular to see some girls capri leggings in what will surely be this year’s biggest blockbuster.  I wonder if there are any plans to make a sequel to this.  What would they call it and what would the plot be about?  Who cares?  As long as the girls wear capri leggings in it, I’ll be first on line to buy a ticket.  If any of you doubt it, go ahead and test me.  I kid you not.  I am dead serious about capri leggings, any girl can tell you that.


After the flick, we went out to dinner to discuss what we had seen.  Then, on the way home, I was playing with my iphone and I decided to do a little internet searching.  I discovered the most adorable, cutest website there ever was or will be.  It’s called TwirlyGirl and guess what they sell.  Yep, you hit the nail on the head.  Girls capri leggings.  My fav.  LOL!   I surfed the site for quite some time until I found just the right pair to add to my cart.  And I am giddy with anticipation, waiting for them to arrive at my home.  That’s the real nail bitter, you know what I mean.  I can’t wait to open the package and unwrap this special garment and try them on.  I will be head over heals madly in love with them.  I just know it, and I’m not exaggerating one iota.  This link will take you to the TwirlyGirl website so you can see the awesome clothing they have for sale.  It makes yours truly wish I were young again, so that I could go to school dressed in the coolest clothing ever.  Shop on this link.ImageImage

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University offers study in girls maxi dress

imageAs a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, I like to keep my eyes and ears on the industry.  Even though I don’t work in fashion, it is still very interesting to me.  This is why I just had to share the news.  A friend of mine who is a professor at a highly prestigious liberal arts college on the east coast told me that their arts department is preparing to offer a new course on girls maxi dresses.  (seen here)  Maxi dresses have long been a personal favorite of mine, ever since I was a young student.  I enjoy their style and cut, as well as the many prints this versatile dress can come in.  A maxi dress for girls is appropriate for both summer and spring, as well as early fall.  They can be worn to functions that are both informal as well as more formal occasions.  That is precisely why this dress from the 1970s has made such a huge comeback of late.

Open any clothing magazine that you might see on a rack, and you are sure to find at least one photo of a girls maxi dress.  I’m not exaggerating.  If you turn on the E network and pay close attention to what the stars are wearing, you will surely see that they favor this particular girls dress over all the others.  Perhaps this is the reason why so many people want to study the basics of maxis.  I’m told that coursework will focus on construction, pattern making, grading and cutting, designing, marketing, and production of girls maxi dresses.  I only wish they offered this when I was enrolled there.  I surely would’ve worked my butt off to get an A in that class.

I have since perused the internet to see if I could learn anything by myself.  Independent study if you will.  I’m fairly self motivated, so this should come as no surprise to those who know me.  I googled the phrase maxi dress for girls, and the top site was one called TwirlyGirl.  Immediately, I fell in love with their entire collection.  The colors put a huge smile on my face, and judging by the testimonials from previous customers, I’d say that I was not alone.  Boy do they have a rabid fan base.  I’m not the only girl who loves maxi dresses, it seems.

This is a link that will take you to their homepage.  Poke around.  Enjoy their many stories and poems that describe their garments.  What a fun touch, don’t you think?  They also sponsor a podcast of original short stories for children.  I’m crazy about that idea as well.  It’s such a creative and inventive way to promote their wonderful line of girls dresses.

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star wore girls maxi dress to the emmys

Who here watched the Emmy’s last night?  It’s always such an entertaining show, watching the biggest names on the silver screen be themselves and get praise for their work.  I especially love the pre-show, where you get to see the celebrities come down the red carpet and get interviewed by the likes of Joan Rivers.  The women are usually asked who they are wearing and generally, we couldn’t care less in our family.  But one young actress was wearing the cutest girls maxi dress (photo).  Maxi dresses are a big favorite in our household because they are both fashionable and comfortable.  My girls were delighted to see this dress featured on such a big night.  And when the young starlet asked who made their maxi dress, my girls ears popped up, because they wanted to buy the same exact one.  The kid said she got the dress from TwirlyGirl, and immediately, my children rushed to the computer to learn more about this dress maker.  Within seconds, they had found TwirlyGirl’s website and where sifting through the large and beautiful selection of maxi dresses for girls.


They probably spent a good hour on this site as they watched the ceremony.  Truthfully, the girls were more interested in looking at the maxi dresses than they were at seeing the song and dance numbers.  That’s no knock on Neil Patrick Harris.  God knows Doogie Howser can groove it up.  But his talents are nothing compared to those of the people at TwirlyGirl.  And it’s not just the girls maxi dress that they sell, although that style is particularly gorgeous.  We also fell in love with the leggings, skirts, shorts, skorts, tops and jackets.  The whole line is so unique and creative.  And that’s exactly how I want my girls to think of themselves. 


I let each girl order one girls maxi dress.  I didn’t get them any new clothes for back to school, so I thought this was the perfect occasion.  And they also picked out several items that they wanted for Christmas and birthday presents.  Their grandparents are always asking what to buy for them, so sending them a link to TwirlyGirl will make it particularly easy this year.  And their return and exchange policy makes it particularly easy in case there is a problem with size or style or whatever.  


In short, this house is now officially a Twirly home.  We are huge fans.  We’ve like them on Facebook, pinned a bunch of photos on pinterest, signed up for their newsletter to get discounts, and everything.  We even listen to their free podcast of original short stories for children. That’s why I’m officially recommended them to be my store of the month on my blog.  This link will take you to their homepage.   Shop hereImage.

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kid gets compliments on girls capri leggings at supermarket

Well, this came as a welcome surprise. My daughter has been feeling very self conscious of late because she just got braces. She’s afraid to smile and even open her mouth in public. Which is a real shame because she’s such a happy go lucky child ordinarily. But all that changed yesterday at the market. Luckily she was wearing a new pair of girls capri leggings like these. Capri leggings are really a wonderful thing to wear because they are so comfortable and versatile. A girl can wear them under a dress or skirt or even by themselves. So as we were walking down the frozen foods isle, a woman stopped my girl and said, “Wow, those are some really cute girls leggings!” This got the kid talking about where she bought the leggings. Which happens to be a really cute website called TwirlyGirl.

What I love about TwirlyGirl is that they have a terrific selection of girls capri leggings. Some have matched leggings, and others are mismatched. But the one thing they all have in common is how cute and original they are. Seeing these capris made me wish I was ten again. I just might have to get started on building a time machine in my back yard. LOL!

Anyway, I digress. When we went to purchase our items at the checkout, the woman bagging our food could not stop complimenting the girls leggings. It almost got creepy, until she told us that she had a child that was six, who also loved to wear capris. It’s really funny how a colorful piece of clothing can bring people together and get them talking. There’s nothing like a child to make folks smile. Maybe if more kids wore capri leggings for girls, there would be world peace. Maybe it would put an end to global warming and poverty. Who knows?

So here’s a link to the TwirlyGirl website. Definitely check them out and see their selection for yourself. We could spend hours on that site just windowshopping. You know, admiring the clothes and reading the fun copy that describes all of their pieces. Click on this link to learn more.Image

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favorite fall fashion is the girls maxi dress

It’s back to school time, and I must say, as a fashion blogger I am always fascinated by what the major trends seem to be for the year.  Parents tend to buy their daughters lost of new back-to-school clothes, so the first day of classes tends to be the ideal time to suss out whats hot and what’s not.  Judging by the new styles at my girls institute, girls maxi dresses seen here are the new stars of the year.  I must’ve counted at least a dozen sixth grade girls wearing maxi dresses.  Isn’t that a stunning number?  I couldn’t believe it either.  But now that I take some time to think about it, it rally makes perfect sense.  Maxi dresses are beautiful, colorful, and playful but more importantly comfortable.  Girls can wear these dresses and not feel stiff and itchy.  They are so easy to wear that I’ve seen them worn around the house while watching TV.  Maxis are just as comfy cozy as an old pair of sweatpants.


Moms love maxi dresses for girls because they are super easy to care for.  There’s no need to send them to the dry cleaners or wash them separately or even iron them.  Simply toss them in the wash then put them in the dryer.  They don’t wrinkle easily which makes them ideal for traveling.  They pack small but wear big.  Plus, it’s easy for girls to grow into these dresses because of the way they are cut.  That means that one dress can go a long way!  So parents actually save money by buying a girls maxi dress because they last so long and if you buy one that’s well made, don’t fall apart.  

Imagerecommend them.  You can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest, for all of you who are social media savvy. But start of with their site because their content is so wonderful.  They also sponsor a podcast of original short stories for children that can be found in iTunes under the name TwirlyGirl Theatre.   Enjoy.

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I left my girls capri leggings at the laundromat

This is why my daughter is mad at me. Our washing machine broke down, so I had to take the laundry to the laundromat to get everything cleaned. No big deal, right? I mean, that’s how millions of people in this country clean their clothes. The only problem is, I guess I didn’t completely check the dryer because I think I left her girls capri leggings like these in the machine. Well, guess what? She didn’t look either, and it’s not like she was so darn helpful when we were there. I remembered to buy take out dinner and go all their orders right, and I remembered to bring lots of quarters! Can’t I be forgiven for one little mishap?

But my girl kept on harping on the subject all week for losing her favorite pair of capri leggings. So I finally broke down and agreed to buy new ones. I wasn’t in the mood to shop all over town. I don’t need to drive all across town, which would take forever, just to purchase some capri. So instead, I was a little smarter than that. I just did a Google search for capri leggings for girls and I found a totally unique and awesome site to get them from. It’s called TwirlyGirl and they have the best collection of clothes for girls. Not just dresses and skirts, although they certainly have their share of those. They also sell, surprise, capri leggings. My girl picked out some favorites and we had them shipped. When the package arrived at our house, she went over the moon crazy for them. The leggings were just so adorable and soft. And the patterns were fun and funky. Totally our speed. We’re not a very conservative dressing family, so this was right up oImageur alley. Definitely check them out. The link is Check them out, tell your friends, scream from the top of your lungs. That’s what these clothes make you wanna do anyway. That’s why I’m posting on it for my blog, when usually I just tell funny anecdotes about my cats and yarn collection. Oh, kitty! Could you be any cuter?

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Girls Capri Leggings is very big news for my 7 year old

This is very big news for my 7 yr. old daughter, so she insisted I post about it on my blog.  I also mentioned it on my Facebook page and Tweeted about it. So now all my friends have heard about this at least once.  So here’s the big announcement:  my daughter did 100 jump ropes in a row wearing girls capri leggings seen here.  Capri leggings are both comfortable and fashionable, which is why she wanted to wear it for her monumental event.  She really wanted to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, but unfortunately she fell short by a few hundred thousand revolutions.  Keep trying, honey!

And she specifically requested that I mention she was wearing her favorite pair of capri leggings for girls.  I’ve even included a photo in case the local press wants to run with this story.  Also her idea.  My girl is available for both phone and skype interviews if anyone of you want to know how she endured such a difficult physical feat.  She is also offering private classes for girls who want to learn how to skip rope like her.  Those interested have to supply their own capri leggings, however.  And yes, capris are mandatory for the lessons.  Double dutch will not be doubt, on account of her lack of expertise in that area.

For those who want to know where to buy capri leggings for girls, I’ve included a link at the bottom of this posting to make it easier for you.  My idea, but she approved it, naturally.   There are also plans to sell DVDs documenting this major achievement.  The suggested price of each video is $19.95, but I’m trying to get the child down to something more reasonable.  I don’t think there’s much of a market for a girl in capri leggings tackling such an undertaking.


So here’s my girls favorite website for buying girls capri leggings.  It’s called TwirlyGirl and all of their clothes are made in the USA.  They also sponsor a free podcast of original short stories for children, so you can go there and download it for free.  Their brand is all about empowering girls to express their individuality, and as you can see, my girl has taken that mission statement and truly run with it.  By the way, they sell more than just capri leggings for girls.  They also have a great selection of dresses, skirt, tops, pants, etc.  They got it all, y’all!  Go TwirlyGirl!

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Girls Capri Leggings riddled with holes!

She claims she has no idea how it happened.  She blames it on moths.   Or evil elves who create mischief in the middle of the night. She’s ready to assign guilt to almost everyone and everything… except the one person who’s fault it is.  Herself.  Let me backtrack.  My seven year old girl loves to wear girls capri leggings like this pair here.  Capri leggings are so versatile and comfy, that she puts them on with almost every single outfit in the child’s wardrobe.  It seems there’s no occasion that is too formal or too casual for some capri leggings.  So it should come as some surprise to people that her capri leggings were riddled with holes. I mean how would that happen.


Well, it turns out that my neighbor caught the whole thing on his surveillance camera.  You see, he’s a doomsday prepper and he feels the apocalypse is upon us, so he’s very big on home security.  While scanning one of the many video cameras that he has place throughout his property, he came upon some suspicious behavior of my girl.  Upon reviewing the video tape, he discovered that she was using a slingshot to hurl brass pellets at a dummy she created.  She dressed the impromptu mannequin in some capri leggings for girls.  She shot that thing up pretty good, and in the process destroyed a perfectly good set of capri leggings.  I don’t know what she was thinking.  I mean, that’s a pretty dangerous weapon.  Jim was pretty impressed with her marksmanship, and asked if he could recruit the wonder kid for the impending war with the aliens.  I put that on the back burner, and addressed the problem at hand.  My girls and the fact that she totally messed up her leggings for girls.  


She felt pretty bad about the event, and said she would buy new girls capri leggings with her own allowance of a website that she found.  It was called TwirlyGirl and she came across it quite fortuitously.  Simply by doing a Bing internet search for capri leggings for girls.  The website had an adorable selection and a wide range of fabrics and prints.  All of them looked really comfortable and fashion forward.  My kid wound up putting two capris in her shopping cart.  When they were delivered a few days later, we were all thrilled with the quality and fit.  Thank you TwirlyGirl.  We are now huge fans.  That’s why I’m happy to be blogging about it here.  This is the link to their site in case any of you are interested.  TwirlyGirlShopImage

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