Listen to a fun story while wearing a birthday girl dress

TwirlyGirl is proud to sponsor TwirlyGirl Theatre, a collection of original short stories written and performed by professional Hollywood writers and actors. TwirlyGirl, located in Los Angeles, California, manufactures dresses right here in America.

The line of clothing is very creative, unique and joyful. Each dress is produced in limited runs making it wearable art. The theme of the line is empowerment for girls. Empowerment to embrace their individuality and express their creativity. Every article of clothing that TwirlyGirl makes is accompanied by its own story that tells the cloth’s backstory. This is all part of creating a magical world for our customers. At TwirlyGirl, we’re not just selling birthday girls dresses. We’re selling access to a world of fantasy. This is how the podcast was born. We thought it would be fun to extend the world of TwirlyGirl to the rest of the planet. Even boys! Ha!

TwirlyGirl Theatre is available on iTunes as well as New episodes are added the first of every month, and can be downloaded for free. We ask only one thing… that you share it with others! That way, instead giving it away to one person, we’re giving it away to many! So much love from a little company that can sew a girls birthday dress. That’s girl empowerment!

The first two episodes are both fables. “How Elephant Got its Trunk” tells the tale of a little mouse that loved collecting smells so much, she grew a long nose just to store them. “How Rattlesnake Came to Be” is the story of a greedy snake that wanted so much for himself, that he wound up with more than he bargained for. Both stories are morality tales, but told in a fun and sophisticated manner so that adults can enjoy them with their children.

Future stories will be longer in form. One tells the magical story of a girl who lives inside a windmill and sneaks inside a museum. Another is about leaf that doesn’t want to leave the tree is grew on. And another is about a girl who discovers the Lost City of Atlantis is deep instead her imagination.  And can a girl think of a better way to spend your birthday than by listening to a fun podcast while wearing your new dress?

At the end of the year, these stories will be illustrated and published in an ebook, which will also be made available… for free!

girls birthday dress

So many children’s podcasts simply re-read public domain stories that have been told thousands of times. How many times can an adult bear to hear Little Red Riding Hood?! Other podcasts are a little childish, making it a turn off for adults to listen to with their kids. TwirlyGirl recognized this hole in the marketplace and saw a huge opportunity. TwilyGirl Theatre is very consistent with the TwirlyGirl brand. Selling girls dresses is just the launching point. It’s really all about selling the fantasy of being young, creative, and empowered. So grab your MP3 player, put on your girls birthday dress, turn off the tv and turn on your imagination. Download some fun and original stories and dress up in your birthday dress, and have a great day!  To see some, visit


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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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