Girl Packs Nothing but Dresses on Flight



A funny and surreal thing happened to me on my recent flight to Florida. I was on my way to Boca Raton to visit my Nana, who hates living there but loves to complain about it.  Anyway, a little girl boarded the flight with a giant suitcase.  She tried stuffing it into the overhead compartment but it wouldn’t fit.  The girl pushed and shoved until the flight attendant came.  I thought she was going to yell at her, but instead she helped cram the valise into the containment area. Everyone on the flight watched as they pressed their full body weight into it, just knowing that this could not possibly end well.  And it didn’t.  During the flight, we hit a pocket of turbulence sending the jet into some bumpy air.  These bumps dislodged the latch, and the girls luggage popped open, showering the poor passenger underneath in a deluge of birthday dresses.

For some reason, this girl had packed her bag full of girls birthday dresses.  It’s like she wouldn’t wear anything else.  Not pants, or skirts, or leggings, or tops.  Just dresses that a girl would wear to a birthday.  By that, I mean really loud, fun, floral prints that are super festive.  Everyone in the plane just burst out laughing because the poor man underneath was now covered in dresses and he looked like a birthday girl.  He took it very well, joining in on the fun.  In fact, he held one of the dresses under his chin and started dancing in the aisles as everyone else sang happy birthday.  It was honestly the best trip I’ve ever made, just because of this little girl and her dresses.  By the way, she joined in on the fun as well, dancing and twirling in her dresses and clapping her hands.  Then the pilot got on the PA system and announced everyone would receive a birthday girl dress as a present for handling this situation so well, and the stewardess started handing out all of the girl’s dresses to the passengers.  And the little girl was completely cool about it.  She just wanted everyone to share in the fun.

If you would like to see what these birthday dresses looked like, head on over to this website.  They have a full selection of the latest styles and trends, and all of their dresses are made in the USA.  Browse their incredible selection of dresses here.


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