A Prank Involving a Girls Birthday Dress

April Fools Day is coming up. I love that holiday because of all the practical jokes pull on people.  There are so many classic ones.  Too many to list, actually.  But the one prank that I’ll never forget is the time we secretly replaced my sister’s prized collection of girls birthday dresses and substituted in ugly sweatpants, and boring ordinary clothes from department stores.  Jessica, as I have changed her name to protect her identity, woke up, and went to her closet to get dressed.  When she opened the door, she discovered that all over her dresses had been replaced.  She went through the roof and started screaming.  Then she came to us to ask us what happened and we all just played dumb.  As if we had never even seen these dresses that she was looking for.  Oh, the laughs we had.  Eventually, we couldn’t take it anymore and confessed that her girls dresses for birthdays were safely tucked away in my parents bedroom.  She ran into their room, and as soon as she saw her dresses, she gave them a big hug and a kiss.  You won’t believe the look of relief that came to her face.  Afterwards, we felt a little bad for stressing her out so much.  To make up for it, we let her go on a three minute shopping spree on her favorite site to buy birthday dresses for girls.  It’s called TwirlyGirl and it’s a super fun website.  All of their dresses are made right here in America, and it’s all high quality stuff.  You don’t need special care for their birthday dresses.  You just toss them in the wash, then throw them in the dryer, then voila.  It’s clean.  Some of their dresses are reversible, and girls love that because they are actually getting two dresses for the price of one.  Neat, don’t you think.

If you’re thinking of buying someone a birthday girl dress, stop thinking and just do it already!  LOL!  Here’s the link to their site.  You’ll also get a kick out of all the fun stories they use to describe their dresses.  It’s like stepping into a wonderland, or Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  You’ll really love it.


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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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