The Dress I saw at a Girl’s Birthday Party

My little girl was invited to a special birthday party last weekend.  She’s 8, and all the other guests were asked to wear birthday dresses to the event.  I had no idea what that is, so I went on google and did a search for girls birthday dress, and I found a link that took me to a store called TwirlyGirl.  I clicked on the link and was transported to the most amazing website.  It felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole!  But instead of amazing and fun characters, it was inhabited by incredibly fun and interesting dresses, skirts, shirts and tops for girls.  Naturally, I was first greeted by a wide selection of girls birthday dresses.

The first dress that caught my eye had really a bright and bold pattern.  It was so attention grabbing, I called for my daughter.  The little girl came running into my home office to see the dress on the computer.  On this website, each dress came with its own poem or story, so we spent hours just reading all the wonderful tales on the website.  Shopping was so much fun on this site.  Eventually, we settled on the perfect dress for her to wear to the birthday party.  It was stylish, chic, fashion forward, and above all, very comfortable.  TwirlyGirl’s motto is girls love to live it it, and they weren’t kidding.  My little girl will only take her birthday dress off when it’s time to wash it, and even then it’s a struggle.  Next time, I’ll be smart enough to buy one of TwirlyGirl’s reversible dresses, that way we get two dresses in one.  Maybe then I won’t have to wash it so much.  

Anyway, now I’m recommending this site to all my friends… whether their girls need a birthday dress or any kind of dress at all.  Believe me, you can find a cute dress for any kind of day.  School, church, or just every day wear.  It’s my new favorite website.  Oh, I forgot to mention, they also sponsor a podcast of original short stories for kids.  And it’s free to download on iTunes or directly off their site.  I just love what they’re doing over there at TwirlyGirl.  Here’s the linkImage dres so you can check them out yourself.  



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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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