Large Box Full of Girls Maxi Dresses discovered at Post Office

Our school just took a field trip to our local post office.  It was teacher’s idea.  Personally, I would’ve preferred to go to the mall or to the movie theater, but apparently, that wasn’t an option.  So instead, we got to learn all about stamps and postage and the difference between first class and parcel post…. blah, blah.  Could anything be more boring?  There was one thing about the trip that was kind of cool.  We got to tour the back room which was full of lost packages and mail that couldn’t be delivered for one reason or another.  It was like that airplane hangar at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but on a much smaller scale.  You know, miles of unopened crates and such.  I asked the civil servant who was working there if we could open one up.  FYI, don’t call them that.  It pisses them off in a big way.  But the guy agreed to show us the contents of one of the huge trunks.  What we saw changed my life forever.  No joke!  When he pulled the top off that carton, my eyes almost popped out of my beautiful head.  That’s because it was filled to the brim with girls maxi dresses similar to this one.  Maxis are my favorite of all the types of girls dresses, so suddenly this excursion went from hell to heaven for me.


I asked the dude why they were just lying around like that.  He said they tried to deliver it several times, but the person was no longer at that address and didn’t leave forwarding instructions.  Moreover, the company that made the maxi dresses for girls was no longer in business, so they really didn’t know what to do with them.  I told Uncle Sam that I would be glad to take a few dresses off their hands, but the weren’t biting.  No big deal, these maxis weren’t particularly well made.  The label said they were manufactured in Hong Kong, and believe me, it looked like it.  The fabric was scratchy and the seams weren’t hidden.   They were not nearly as well made as the maxi dresses that I get from TwirlyGirl.  Not to sound like a shill or anything, but TwirlyGirl makes all of their dresses, include maxi dresses for girls, in downtown Los Angeles, California.  Their fabrics and prints are super stylish, and really comfy.  Their motto is Girls Love to Live in Them, and I for one agree.  I have a whole closet full of their stuff, and I frequently check their website for their new arrivals.  I’m probably their favorite customer in the whole world, LOL!


Anyway, I left that day knowing for damn sure I never wanted to work for the postal system.  Not for me, no thanks.  Although I’m certainly grateful for the hardworking folks who do work there.  It’s an important job.  Where would this country be without them.  I also feel appreciative of the people who make TwirlyGirl.  Please never stop making girls maxi dresses.  I love them!  Here’s a link to their site if you know anyone who deserves a special present.  Image


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