Photo of Girl in Leggings goes viral for all the wrong reasons

What started out as a photo shoot for a major line of girls clothing, quickly devolved into something else.  The services of a highly paid photographer were employed for a two day job.  All the models were girls between the ages of two and twelve years old.  All of them were modeling girls dresses and skirts, except for one exceptionally playful eight year old girl, who was wearing capri leggings for girls seen here.  The shoot was supposed to feature girls in a classroom type setting, wearing their beautiful clothes on a typical day.  However, during a break from the shoot, this girl spread out on an on old sheet, and her friend grabbed the camera and just starting clicking.  No one was even aware of this due to the fact that everyone was at lunch.  When the client discovered the pictures, she was incredibly surprised.  This wasn’t what she had paid for, but she loved it even more.  That’s because it truly captured the whimsy and imagination of what a child would do.  

The girl also served as her own stylist.  Since she wasn’t due on set for a couple of hours, she was trying on various outfits in the dressing her.  The ensemble she put together for herself featured girls capri leggings and a really cute top.  This girl really had an eye for fashion, because the two really looked great together.  When the photographer later found out that the advertiser had decided to print a photo that a girl had taken, instead of his own, he was rightly embarrassed.  However, the client still paid him for it, because the pic was snapped on his roll.  They also paid the girl in capri leggings because she had masterminded the whole thing.  Plus she also got to keep the outfit she wore that day, as did all the girls who worked then.


The picture that was used can be seen on this page.  The advertiser is a clothing company called TwirlyGirl.  Located in Los Angeles, California, they are one of the few manufacturers of girls capri leggings and dresses for girls that still produces domestically.  Their vision for thinking outside of the box is exemplified by this unique pictorial.  They fact that it went viral just lends to the lore and mystique of this clothes company.   

To see a complete assortment of their capri leggings for girls, simply click on this link and you will be taken to their website.  Shop here.


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