Girl in Maxi Dress hits Home Run at Game

The softball semi-finals were this weekend. Happily, my sixth grade girl’s team made it. They have quite the line-up this year, lots of heavy hitters and their fielding is terrific. It really makes me proud to see how hard these girls have worked this season. Of course, there’s been plenty of drama this season, culminating in last night’s game. One of the kids on the team was late to the big game. The child’s dad’s car broke down and she had to take a cab from school to the field. This means she didn’t have her uniform. So it definitely looked weird when she stepped up to the plate wearing a girls maxi dress kinda like this one. Maxi dresses are fun and stylish and great looking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be worn while playing sports! LOL.

At first, the umpire didn’t want to let the kid play. But she explained her situation to both sides, and even the opponents agreed they should make an exception and let her play, as long as she agreed not to slide into any of the bases. Talk about good sportsmanship on their part. Naturally, no good deed goes unpunished because the girl in the maxi dress hit a home run on the first at bat. She just creamed the thing and it got out of the park in a hurry. I must say, it was quite a sight to see the child round the bases in her maxi dress for girls. It almost looked like a commercial or advertisement for maxi dresses! Unfortunately, the maxi dress girl struck out on the next two at bats, but that didn’t stop the girl from being lauded as hero.

Later the girls on both sides gushed over the maxi dress. Everyone wanted to know where she bought it. It became known that she got the dress at TwirlyGirl. This small clothing company manufactures all of their dresses, including the maxi dress for girls, in Los Angeles, California. Their website is so cute, my girl filled a shopping cart with at least five different style dresses. I told the girl to slow down, we’re not made of money! So I let my daughter purchase one girls maxi dress, and said the others would have to wait until birthday time, Christmas, or graduation. She was okay with that, not that she had a choice or anything.

Anyway, if you want to see where we all bought our maxis, here’s a link to their website. Enjoy! I know we did.Image


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