Girl in Maxi Dress Hits Home Run

The neighborhood boys get together every day after school to play baseball. They’re a pretty loud and rambunctious group, and let’s face it, they think they’re pretty cool. They can be a pretty rough bunch. Well, yesterday while I was walking the dog in the park, I witnessed something pretty special. A child wearing a girls maxi dress like the one found here approached the kids and asked if she could play. I could tell the boys didn’t want her to, but they really didn’t have an excuse because they were just starting a game, and they were one man short anyway. Reluctantly, the allowed this girl to play, but not without first making fun of the girl. The girl wearing the maxi dress was not intimidated. Or at least if she was, she wouldn’t let them see it. Here’s what happened when it came time for her to step to the plate.

The maxi dress girl choked the bat pretty high, because it was heavy. She dug her heels into the dirt, and stared the pitcher down pretty good. The first ball he threw pretty close to her. But she wasn’t scared. Instead, the maxi girl told him, and I apologize for the crude language, “One more time and that baseball is going up your ass!” I just had to laugh when she said that. The second pitch was a fastball right down the middle of the plate. Smack, she hit that thing a mile. It was a home run right over the left field wall. I couldn’t believe her. And as she ran the bases, her maxi dress for girls swayed gently in the wind. She stomped on home plate, and I ran over and gave the child a big high five. I complimented her swing and athletic prowess. Then I asked where she bought the girls maxi dress. I have two nieces of my own, and I wanted them to have the same inner courage as this girl. I thought that maybe wearing a beautiful maxi dress for girls might help with that. She wrote down the name of the website where she bought the dress, and as soon as I got home, I called my sister and spoke all about the girl wearing the maxi. She loved the story! I wound up going to the website and buying two maxi dresses for my girls. Here’s a link that will take you there if you want to see their great selection.



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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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