Little Child Ruins her Girls Capri Leggings because of this:

Please tell me I’m not the only mother in the world who has had this happen to them.  I couldn’t bear to think that I am alone in this.  My little girl, Esperanza, is such a bundle of emotions, that she can’t contain the excitement and joy of being in this world.  This is a good thing.  Believe me, I’m not trying to crush the kids’ spirit.  The world will do that soon enough to my child, unfortunately.   I only mean to say that sometimes, the child’s unbridled enthusiasm gets the best of her.  She’s only six years old.  I hope this is normal.  Anyway, it was her birthday last week, and one of her gifts was a brand new pair of girls capri leggings that we first learned about from this article.  Capri leggings are fun, comfy, and fashion forward. These are three qualities that apparently, are of the utmost importance to my little fashionista.

Anyway, when my girl unwrapped her present and discovered she was getting a really cool, and funky set of capri leggings, she flipped the lid with excitement.  Seriously, she screamed so loud she could’ve woken the dead.  And she jumped up and down with such enthusiasm, that she knocked over a nearby bottle of punch, spilling it all over her capri leggings for girls.  I mean, she didn’t even have the leggings for one second, and the poor girl already ruined them.  Then came the crying.  Oh, the wailing and sobbing.  The highs and lows of this girls emotional state.  It’s like riding a roller coaster, having this child in the household.

So naturally, what did I have to do?  I logged back on to the website where we bought the capri leggings and ordered some more.  This time, I let my girl help pick them out.  This had the unintended but happy consequence of not only settling the girl down, but it taught her the joy of…. shopping!!  LOL!  You should’ve seen my girls face light up as she window shopped for capri leggings.  We wound up adding 8 pair to the cart, then I told her that we would have to narrow it down to half, because we were only going to buy four capri leggings for girls.  Suddenly, she shifted from overjoyed to despondent.  OMG, y’all.  I can’t take these mood swings sometimes!


Well, a few days later the capri leggings came in the mail.  Once again, my girl shouted with joy as she opened up the package.  Only this time, I made sure there was no fruit juice within a three mile radius of our home.  That’s what’s going on at our house.  If you want to check out TwirlyGirl’s selection of girls capri leggings, just follow this link.  But be warned, if you girl is anything like mine, there will be emotion!!!!


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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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