Girls Capri Leggings Flag Waves from Treehouse

My husband and girls spent the last eight weekends building a terrific treehouse in the backyard.  It really is cool.  Looks just like something out of the movies, complete with rope ladder, tire swing, and secret trap door in the floor.  There’s a bucket and pulley to haul up items from the ground. Like snacks, comic books, and iPads.  The only thing missing was a flag that would hang from the top, to announce to the neighborhood kids who the fort is occupied by.  My girls tossed around a bunch of ideas, then finally settled on one that they thought accurately represented their group.  Instead of a traditional banner, they decided to hang some leggings.  In fact, they got the idea to use girls capri leggings from this site and thought it described them perfectly.  Capri leggings for girls is probably the most popular garment in our house because of its versatility.  Our girls wear them while watching TV, or lounging after a sleepover instead of pajamas.  They can also be worn to dress up an outfit.  Capri leggings are worn underneath a skirt or dress to make the outfit warmer in the fall, or just to add a little pizazz to a somewhat plain look.  

I should add that the girls didn’t just use any old boring pair of capri leggings.  They hung a really cool and funky pair that they bought from TwirlyGirl, which is their favorite clothing website.  All of TwirlyGirl’s clothing is super cute, and manufactured entirely in the USA.  This was important because they didn’t want people to think foreigners were in their tree stronghold.  The capri leggings for girls that they sell have cool prints and patterns, and some of the legs are mismatched, making them extra funky.  My girls really love them.  


So that’s my blog update for this week.  I’ll attach photos as soon as my girls explain to me how to do it.  I know, I’m completely tech helpless.  If I want anything done, I usually have to ask my six year old girl to do it for me.  But as long as I talk about them and their capri leggings, they are happy to do it.  Oh yeah.  Here’s a link to the TwirlyGirl website if you want to see a picture of the leggings my girls used.


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