10 year old in girls maxi dress puts on a kicking clinic

 I have never seen this before.  And I’m old!   I was watching my son’s football practice, just hanging out on the bleechers taking in the sunshine, when I noticed a girl walk onto the field.  She approached the goal posts where another child was learning how to kick field goals. Mind you, this girl wasn’t wearing pads or a uniform.  She was simply wearing a girls maxi dress like this kind.  Maxi dresses are perfect for lounging by the pool or beach, or wearing to school or church.  Or even around the house or on a play date.  But up until this point, I had never seen anyone where them on the gridiron!  The child asked to borrow the ball and lined up 35 yards away from the end zone.  She had someone else hold it.  The girl took a few steps back, then ran up and completely drilled the pigskin through the uprights.  Then the girl in the maxi dress did the same thing from 40 yards out.  It was absolutely amazing!  Everyone burst into applause.  The coach ran up to her and asked i she wanted to try out for the team.  I don’t know what she said, but I certainly hope she will. 

Afterwards, everyone swarmed the girl to talk about how she learned her technique.  But the only thing the girl wanted to talk about was the maxi dress she was wearing, and how it was so comfortable, versatile and appropriate for every occasion.  I think the only reason why the boys were listening was to try and humor her so that she might join the team and help them win a few games.   Or maybe they were interested in trying on the dress as well, hoping it would have magical athletic properties.  I don’t know.  I do know, however, far more about maxi dresses than I ever imagined, thanks to this girl.  She said she bought her maxi from a site called TwirlyGirl, which is the only place she shops.  She loves all their funky designs and cool styles, and she loves their very helpful customer service.  It’s not like buying from a giant department store that doesn’t fully appreciate your business.  TwirlyGirl is a small company that bends over backwards to please the customer.  Believe me, I heard more about TwirlyGirl in the span of 5 minutes than is human possible.  But whatever.  I trust this girl.  I mean, she really did look good in that maxi dress.Image

Here’s a link to the TwirlyGirl website so you can see for yourself.  And as soon as I download the photos from the scrimmage, I’ll add those as well.  It really was pretty awesome!


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