Girls Capri Leggings is top seller for fall

I read a lot of fashion industry newspapers and publications.  I’m not in the business yet, but after I get out of fashion school, I hope to pursue my dream.  That’s why I like to stay abreast of all the trends.  My family exam consisted of writing a paper on the future trends in one particular market segment.  I chose to do mine on Girls Apparel because I have a little sister, and I can use the girl for my research.  Plus she has a lot of friends who like to talk non stop.  Bingo.  So after delving into the seasonal sales figures, as well as doing some polling work, I came to the conclusion that the hottest trends this fall with regards to clothing for girls are capri leggings as witnessed here.  Capri leggings were made popular in the 1960s by Hollywood starlets vacationing on the Italian island of Capri.  There, they picked up on the locals who liked to wear three quarter length leggings for girls.  They took that style back to the states, where capri leggings for girls graced magazine covers and were later featured in film and television work.


Today, capri leggings for girls is making a strong comeback, mostly based on their versatility and new availability of stylish fabrics and prints.  Gone are the days of staid, boring leggings.  Today, they are bold, whimsical, and fashion forward.  Capris can also be worn under skirts and dresses to make the girl feel warmer, as well as to accessorize an otherwise plain ensemble.  A quick Google search confirms this upward movement.  In fact, one of the top vendors of girls capri leggings is a company called TwirlyGirl.  All of their clothing is made in the USA, with an eye on quality control.  They have a wide selection of leggings for girls, and all are soft and eye popping.  It’s no wonder that that keyword phrase is moving higher on internet searches.


I asked my sister what she thought of the girls capri leggings on TwirlyGirl and she told me that she and all her friends would love to wear them.  In exchange for filling out a lengthy questionnaire for my project, offer to pay her $30 or buy a pair of TwirlyGirl capri leggings for lesser value.  Guess what she chose?  The leggings!  That’s how much she loves them.

ImageImageImageHere is a link to the TwirlyGirl website so that you can see their current inventory.  As soon as my paper is graded, I’ll post a link for that as well.  Enjoy!


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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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