Why sister can’t find her girls maxi dress

Consider it a mystery solved.  Here’s the crime:  my ten year old’s girls maxi dress (pictured here) went missing.  Maxi dresses are a favorite of hers because they are so soft and stylish. They are so comfortable yet casual that she can wear this dress anywhere.  School, church, on a play date, or even while just lounging around the house.  It’s a special dress that is appropriate for every day wear.  My girl wears a favorite maxi almost every day.  She takes great care of it, and in exchange, the dress brings out her inner beauty.  She gets lots of compliments on it, and in turn, the dress makes her feel confident.  


One day, however, this maxi dress for girls went missing.  We were all pretty dumbfounded by it, because it’s not like she could have left the dress anywhere out of the house.  And like I said, my girl is usually very careful and protective of it.  We searched everywhere for it.  Behind the laundry machine, under the couch, beneath the bed, etc.  We practically turned our house upside down looking for this dress.  One person who searched particularly hard for it was my other daughter, who is seven.  Ordinarily, she’s not very helpful in matters that relate to big sister, so the fact that she joined in on the hunt raised a red flag to me.  I mean, at first I thought it was sweet that she was finally caring for big sis.  But as the hours passed, I got wise to it.


That’s when I tiptoed into her room and dug behind the clothes hanging in her closet.  There, folded neatly on the floor near a pile of other clothing, was the girls maxi dress.  When we confronted the child about this, she played dumb.  But after a few minutes, she broke into tears and started crying.  She had stolen the maxi dress for girls because she wanted to have one too!  We were shocked.  We had no idea that she liked this dress.  All she had to do was ask for it!


Anyway, alls well that ends well.  We went online to the store where we bought this maxi dress and found another one just like it.  I mean, the fabric was different, but it was just as cute.  The girls didn’t want to be matchy-matchy, so it’s best this way.  Neither one wanted to look like a twin.  Luckily, the company that makes these maxi dresses does so in limited runs.  So they are constantly changing the looks.  This makes each dress all the more special, because they are so unique.  Once a style is gone, it’s gone for good.  And they are constantly turning over their inventory, making everything fresh and new.  I highly recommend this site for anyone interested in buying a girls dress.  Here’s a link that will take you directly to their homepage.  It’s called TwirlyGirlImage.


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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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