favorite fall fashion is the girls maxi dress

It’s back to school time, and I must say, as a fashion blogger I am always fascinated by what the major trends seem to be for the year.  Parents tend to buy their daughters lost of new back-to-school clothes, so the first day of classes tends to be the ideal time to suss out whats hot and what’s not.  Judging by the new styles at my girls institute, girls maxi dresses seen here are the new stars of the year.  I must’ve counted at least a dozen sixth grade girls wearing maxi dresses.  Isn’t that a stunning number?  I couldn’t believe it either.  But now that I take some time to think about it, it rally makes perfect sense.  Maxi dresses are beautiful, colorful, and playful but more importantly comfortable.  Girls can wear these dresses and not feel stiff and itchy.  They are so easy to wear that I’ve seen them worn around the house while watching TV.  Maxis are just as comfy cozy as an old pair of sweatpants.


Moms love maxi dresses for girls because they are super easy to care for.  There’s no need to send them to the dry cleaners or wash them separately or even iron them.  Simply toss them in the wash then put them in the dryer.  They don’t wrinkle easily which makes them ideal for traveling.  They pack small but wear big.  Plus, it’s easy for girls to grow into these dresses because of the way they are cut.  That means that one dress can go a long way!  So parents actually save money by buying a girls maxi dress because they last so long and if you buy one that’s well made, don’t fall apart.  

Imagerecommend them.  You can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest, for all of you who are social media savvy. But start of with their site because their content is so wonderful.  They also sponsor a podcast of original short stories for children that can be found in iTunes under the name TwirlyGirl Theatre.   Enjoy.  www.twirlygirlshop.com


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