star wore girls maxi dress to the emmys

Who here watched the Emmy’s last night?  It’s always such an entertaining show, watching the biggest names on the silver screen be themselves and get praise for their work.  I especially love the pre-show, where you get to see the celebrities come down the red carpet and get interviewed by the likes of Joan Rivers.  The women are usually asked who they are wearing and generally, we couldn’t care less in our family.  But one young actress was wearing the cutest girls maxi dress (photo).  Maxi dresses are a big favorite in our household because they are both fashionable and comfortable.  My girls were delighted to see this dress featured on such a big night.  And when the young starlet asked who made their maxi dress, my girls ears popped up, because they wanted to buy the same exact one.  The kid said she got the dress from TwirlyGirl, and immediately, my children rushed to the computer to learn more about this dress maker.  Within seconds, they had found TwirlyGirl’s website and where sifting through the large and beautiful selection of maxi dresses for girls.


They probably spent a good hour on this site as they watched the ceremony.  Truthfully, the girls were more interested in looking at the maxi dresses than they were at seeing the song and dance numbers.  That’s no knock on Neil Patrick Harris.  God knows Doogie Howser can groove it up.  But his talents are nothing compared to those of the people at TwirlyGirl.  And it’s not just the girls maxi dress that they sell, although that style is particularly gorgeous.  We also fell in love with the leggings, skirts, shorts, skorts, tops and jackets.  The whole line is so unique and creative.  And that’s exactly how I want my girls to think of themselves. 


I let each girl order one girls maxi dress.  I didn’t get them any new clothes for back to school, so I thought this was the perfect occasion.  And they also picked out several items that they wanted for Christmas and birthday presents.  Their grandparents are always asking what to buy for them, so sending them a link to TwirlyGirl will make it particularly easy this year.  And their return and exchange policy makes it particularly easy in case there is a problem with size or style or whatever.  


In short, this house is now officially a Twirly home.  We are huge fans.  We’ve like them on Facebook, pinned a bunch of photos on pinterest, signed up for their newsletter to get discounts, and everything.  We even listen to their free podcast of original short stories for children. That’s why I’m officially recommended them to be my store of the month on my blog.  This link will take you to their homepage.   Shop hereImage.


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I am primarily a blogger and personal shopper. I mainly write about girls fashion, since that is my area of expertise. Have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it!
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