University offers study in girls maxi dress

imageAs a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, I like to keep my eyes and ears on the industry.  Even though I don’t work in fashion, it is still very interesting to me.  This is why I just had to share the news.  A friend of mine who is a professor at a highly prestigious liberal arts college on the east coast told me that their arts department is preparing to offer a new course on girls maxi dresses.  (seen here)  Maxi dresses have long been a personal favorite of mine, ever since I was a young student.  I enjoy their style and cut, as well as the many prints this versatile dress can come in.  A maxi dress for girls is appropriate for both summer and spring, as well as early fall.  They can be worn to functions that are both informal as well as more formal occasions.  That is precisely why this dress from the 1970s has made such a huge comeback of late.

Open any clothing magazine that you might see on a rack, and you are sure to find at least one photo of a girls maxi dress.  I’m not exaggerating.  If you turn on the E network and pay close attention to what the stars are wearing, you will surely see that they favor this particular girls dress over all the others.  Perhaps this is the reason why so many people want to study the basics of maxis.  I’m told that coursework will focus on construction, pattern making, grading and cutting, designing, marketing, and production of girls maxi dresses.  I only wish they offered this when I was enrolled there.  I surely would’ve worked my butt off to get an A in that class.

I have since perused the internet to see if I could learn anything by myself.  Independent study if you will.  I’m fairly self motivated, so this should come as no surprise to those who know me.  I googled the phrase maxi dress for girls, and the top site was one called TwirlyGirl.  Immediately, I fell in love with their entire collection.  The colors put a huge smile on my face, and judging by the testimonials from previous customers, I’d say that I was not alone.  Boy do they have a rabid fan base.  I’m not the only girl who loves maxi dresses, it seems.

This is a link that will take you to their homepage.  Poke around.  Enjoy their many stories and poems that describe their garments.  What a fun touch, don’t you think?  They also sponsor a podcast of original short stories for children.  I’m crazy about that idea as well.  It’s such a creative and inventive way to promote their wonderful line of girls dresses.


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