Girls Maxi Dress Never Went in the Dryer!

Ever since our daughter turned ten, we’ve made her participate more in the family chores.  She complained about it, but let’s be honest, most families have their children help out more at an even younger age.  She got off easy, for way too long, I tell ya.  And who are we kidding, we’re not having them sew soccer balls in sweat shops.  It’s just ordinary stuff that most kids have to do.  You know, walk the dog, vacuum, help with the laundry, wash a few dishes, stuff like that.  But apparently, my girl fell down on the job, because her neglected one of her responsibilities, and guess who paid for it?  She did!

Let me elaborate.  Leslie is supposed to help with the wash.  That means putting a load from the washing machine into the dryer.  I’ve reminded the kid on a number of occasions, but whenever I do, she gets mad.  So I decided that the next time she had to do the chores, I’m not going to say anything.  Just zip my lip and see what happens.  Well, I’ll tell you what.  My girl forgot the whole thing, and the favorite girls maxi dress (like this one) never got cleaned.  So the next morning, when she wanted to get dressed for school, she realized the maxi dress for girls was still damp and couldn’t be worn.  I confess that this made me a little happy, because darning, the girl deserved it. If she wants to put on her maxi dresses in a timely fashion, then she needs to be on top of things.


So did my girl learn a lesson?  Absolutely not.  The next day, I caught the child placing an order on the internet.  Using piggy bank money, she was on a website buying more girls maxi dresses.  I couldn’t believe it!!   That was the takeaway from the whole experience?  Instead of just doing as told, she had figured a way around the maxi dress problem!  Well, at least I give the kiddo high marks for creativity.  


Now I have to share with you the name of the website that I caught the little one on, because honestly, their girls dresses were so freakin cute.  It made me glad that she was looking for maxi dresses, because now I know where to shop for Christmas and birthday presents.  Everything on this site, she loved.  So that makes shopping super easy for me.  Here’s the link to their site in case you want to make your life easier and get one of their dresses.  And if you’re a mom, then you deserve it, girl!  www.twirlygirlshop.comImage

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Why sister can’t find her girls maxi dress

Consider it a mystery solved.  Here’s the crime:  my ten year old’s girls maxi dress (pictured here) went missing.  Maxi dresses are a favorite of hers because they are so soft and stylish. They are so comfortable yet casual that she can wear this dress anywhere.  School, church, on a play date, or even while just lounging around the house.  It’s a special dress that is appropriate for every day wear.  My girl wears a favorite maxi almost every day.  She takes great care of it, and in exchange, the dress brings out her inner beauty.  She gets lots of compliments on it, and in turn, the dress makes her feel confident.  


One day, however, this maxi dress for girls went missing.  We were all pretty dumbfounded by it, because it’s not like she could have left the dress anywhere out of the house.  And like I said, my girl is usually very careful and protective of it.  We searched everywhere for it.  Behind the laundry machine, under the couch, beneath the bed, etc.  We practically turned our house upside down looking for this dress.  One person who searched particularly hard for it was my other daughter, who is seven.  Ordinarily, she’s not very helpful in matters that relate to big sister, so the fact that she joined in on the hunt raised a red flag to me.  I mean, at first I thought it was sweet that she was finally caring for big sis.  But as the hours passed, I got wise to it.


That’s when I tiptoed into her room and dug behind the clothes hanging in her closet.  There, folded neatly on the floor near a pile of other clothing, was the girls maxi dress.  When we confronted the child about this, she played dumb.  But after a few minutes, she broke into tears and started crying.  She had stolen the maxi dress for girls because she wanted to have one too!  We were shocked.  We had no idea that she liked this dress.  All she had to do was ask for it!


Anyway, alls well that ends well.  We went online to the store where we bought this maxi dress and found another one just like it.  I mean, the fabric was different, but it was just as cute.  The girls didn’t want to be matchy-matchy, so it’s best this way.  Neither one wanted to look like a twin.  Luckily, the company that makes these maxi dresses does so in limited runs.  So they are constantly changing the looks.  This makes each dress all the more special, because they are so unique.  Once a style is gone, it’s gone for good.  And they are constantly turning over their inventory, making everything fresh and new.  I highly recommend this site for anyone interested in buying a girls dress.  Here’s a link that will take you directly to their homepage.  It’s called TwirlyGirlImage.

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Girls Capri Leggings is top seller for fall

I read a lot of fashion industry newspapers and publications.  I’m not in the business yet, but after I get out of fashion school, I hope to pursue my dream.  That’s why I like to stay abreast of all the trends.  My family exam consisted of writing a paper on the future trends in one particular market segment.  I chose to do mine on Girls Apparel because I have a little sister, and I can use the girl for my research.  Plus she has a lot of friends who like to talk non stop.  Bingo.  So after delving into the seasonal sales figures, as well as doing some polling work, I came to the conclusion that the hottest trends this fall with regards to clothing for girls are capri leggings as witnessed here.  Capri leggings were made popular in the 1960s by Hollywood starlets vacationing on the Italian island of Capri.  There, they picked up on the locals who liked to wear three quarter length leggings for girls.  They took that style back to the states, where capri leggings for girls graced magazine covers and were later featured in film and television work.


Today, capri leggings for girls is making a strong comeback, mostly based on their versatility and new availability of stylish fabrics and prints.  Gone are the days of staid, boring leggings.  Today, they are bold, whimsical, and fashion forward.  Capris can also be worn under skirts and dresses to make the girl feel warmer, as well as to accessorize an otherwise plain ensemble.  A quick Google search confirms this upward movement.  In fact, one of the top vendors of girls capri leggings is a company called TwirlyGirl.  All of their clothing is made in the USA, with an eye on quality control.  They have a wide selection of leggings for girls, and all are soft and eye popping.  It’s no wonder that that keyword phrase is moving higher on internet searches.


I asked my sister what she thought of the girls capri leggings on TwirlyGirl and she told me that she and all her friends would love to wear them.  In exchange for filling out a lengthy questionnaire for my project, offer to pay her $30 or buy a pair of TwirlyGirl capri leggings for lesser value.  Guess what she chose?  The leggings!  That’s how much she loves them.

ImageImageImageHere is a link to the TwirlyGirl website so that you can see their current inventory.  As soon as my paper is graded, I’ll post a link for that as well.  Enjoy!

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Child Wearing Girls Birthday Dress Saves Trapped Bird

It was my daughter’s 6th birthday, so we hosted a big party in our house.  We had lots of guests, both young and old, and because the weather was nice, we left the doors and windows open.  It was nice, there was a pleasant breeze, the smell of jasmine from our bushes drifted in.  I’m telling you, the whole thing was very pleasant and civilized.  Everything was picture perfect until we got a surprise visitor.  Somehow, a little birdie got confused and flew into our house.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a trapped and disoriented bird, but I’m telling you, they become terrified and so did everyone else at the birthday.  The girls were screaming and so were the adults.  It was impossible to figure out how to shoo the creature out of the living room.  Fortunately, a hero saved the day.  It was my darling baby daughter, wearing a girls birthday dress that she first saw here.

Maggie lept into action.  Ordinarily, she’s very shy, but I guess she felt awful for the little creature and decided it was time to take action.  She hiked up the birthday dress and the girl sprung forward with a bucket in one hand, and a clipboard in the other.  She managed to trap the little critter.  You could hear its wings flapping furiously and nervously.  That made me terrified.  But my child, wearing her birthday dress for girls, was like a zookeeper or lion tamer or something.  She covered the mouth of the large cup with the board, confining the creature to the dark.  Quickly, she ran out the door to the front yard, and gently released it back into nature.  Everyone applauded for my girl.   Somehow she actually grew older and wiser on her birthday.  What a gift for all of us to witness.  I bet our winged friend was appreciative as well, although you wouldn’t know it by the bird poop she left all over the house.

Afterwards, we retreated back for cake and games.  Of course, no one wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey.  Everyone was more interested in mythologizing the actions of the girl in the birthday dress.  I was so incredibly proud of her.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of her doing her heroic deed.  But I was able to find a photo on the web of the birthday dress for girls that she was wearing.  We got it from a cute website called TwirlyGirl.  Here’s the link to see their site, if you’re interested.Imagen,

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Kitten curls up in girls maxi dress

Come on.  Kittens are the cutest.  Even when they are shredding your daughters favorite piece of clothing, you can’t get mad at them.  They’re adorable.  Let me explain what happened.  We rescued this cute little tabby from the local shelter.  We got her all of her shots, and when we took them home, the girls couldn’t keep their hands off him.  They really loved petting it and playing with the little guy.  At night, the cat curled up in the corner and went out like a light.  We figured that would be the end of things until the next morning.  But when we awoke, we were surprised to discover that our adopted feline friend had found his way in my girls closet and curled up into a ball in my girls favorite dress.  It’s a maxi dress for girls that we first learned about here.  Maxi dresses are perfect for so many occasions.  Girls can wear them to school, or church, or to a play date, a county fair, or even just lounging around the house watching TV.  That’s how super comfy they are.  Little did we know that small baby animals would find girls maxi dresses so comfortable as well.

We gently shooed the creature off the clothes, and when we held it up, we were saddened to see that the claws had shredded it to pieces.  It’s a real shame too, because it was my girls favorite maxi.  Within seconds, this furry tiny creature that she liked so much was on her s–t list.  She wanted to send him back to the shelter.  I explained it wasn’t Fuzzball’s fault, and that we would get her a new maxi dress.  And even better one.  I didn’t think that was actually possible, because the dress the girl has now is pretty darn cute.  But we found a really cool website called TwirlyGirl.  They have an awesome selection of maxi dresses for girls, and all of their clothes are made right here in the USA.  How cool is that?   Within seconds, my girl had completely forgotten about her old maxi, and was more than happy to get a new one from TwirlyGirl.  So much for live long loyalty, huh?  I mean, you have never seen a girl get so involved in shopping off a website.  Every page she found something new that she wanted to buy.  I had to stop her before she blew out our credit cards on all those dresses.  LOL!

 Anyway, here is a link to the TwirlyGirl homepageImage in case you have any rambunctious animals in your house.  Or maybe you just need to buy a dress for some girls that you love.  In any case, you’ll really like this website.  TwirlyGirl is pretty terrific in our book.

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Kid decorates boys fort with girls capri leggings

My little girl has finally had it. Apparently, she’s tired of being bossed around by her older brother and playing second fiddle. Enough is enough, she’s decided. After years of trying to please her older sibling, and trying to tag along and be included only to be shut out, Suzie has decided to fight back. How did she do this? She broke into his tree fort, which wasn’t very well guarded anyway, and she decorated the whole place with girls capri leggings which she first discovered on this site. Capri leggings are awesome. They’re comfortable and versatile, but let’s face it. They’re also very girlie. It’s the farthest thing from masculine. This was her way of asserting herself. By dangling capri leggings for girls in their intimate and private space.

I confess, it was I that first got my girl interested in capri leggings, so if my male offspring has anyone to blame, it’s me. I was the one who told her that leggings would be perfect to wear under her skirt and dress on cold winter days so that she could stay warm and snug. The fact that they also made her uber fashionable and on trend was a complete bonus for us. But I do know this, when the fellas saw all those capri inside their sacred lair, they were pretty pissed. They screamed and yelled and demanded that I punish her. But let’s face it, this was all his fault to begin with. It served him right. To exact revenge, they cut up her favorite pair of capri leggings, and my girl was very upset about that. I thought that was going overboard as well. I was going to make my kid pair for new leggings, but I thought that might be a little extreme considering I was partially to blame for this. So I came up with an intermediate punishment. I would make my child watch as I surfed the internet to buy new capri leggings for my girl. I thought this would really boring and excruciating for him. I mean, what male likes to shop for clothing? Not in my family, at least. I really figured this would make him change his behavior and see how his actions affect others. Call it behavior modification or even brainwashing. A little Clockwork Orange never hurt anyone, right?Image

Lucky for him, the first site we saw was a really cute online store called TwirlyGirl. They have a huge assortment for girls capri leggings. And they are so cute. I wanted to buy a bunch just to have them around me. They are really funky and fun, and all of them are made in the USA. Go America. Here’s a link to the TwirlyGirl website. Go check them out. They really have cool stuff. Makes me wish I was still a little girl. Oh, well. Maybe next lifetime!

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10 year old in girls maxi dress puts on a kicking clinic

 I have never seen this before.  And I’m old!   I was watching my son’s football practice, just hanging out on the bleechers taking in the sunshine, when I noticed a girl walk onto the field.  She approached the goal posts where another child was learning how to kick field goals. Mind you, this girl wasn’t wearing pads or a uniform.  She was simply wearing a girls maxi dress like this kind.  Maxi dresses are perfect for lounging by the pool or beach, or wearing to school or church.  Or even around the house or on a play date.  But up until this point, I had never seen anyone where them on the gridiron!  The child asked to borrow the ball and lined up 35 yards away from the end zone.  She had someone else hold it.  The girl took a few steps back, then ran up and completely drilled the pigskin through the uprights.  Then the girl in the maxi dress did the same thing from 40 yards out.  It was absolutely amazing!  Everyone burst into applause.  The coach ran up to her and asked i she wanted to try out for the team.  I don’t know what she said, but I certainly hope she will. 

Afterwards, everyone swarmed the girl to talk about how she learned her technique.  But the only thing the girl wanted to talk about was the maxi dress she was wearing, and how it was so comfortable, versatile and appropriate for every occasion.  I think the only reason why the boys were listening was to try and humor her so that she might join the team and help them win a few games.   Or maybe they were interested in trying on the dress as well, hoping it would have magical athletic properties.  I don’t know.  I do know, however, far more about maxi dresses than I ever imagined, thanks to this girl.  She said she bought her maxi from a site called TwirlyGirl, which is the only place she shops.  She loves all their funky designs and cool styles, and she loves their very helpful customer service.  It’s not like buying from a giant department store that doesn’t fully appreciate your business.  TwirlyGirl is a small company that bends over backwards to please the customer.  Believe me, I heard more about TwirlyGirl in the span of 5 minutes than is human possible.  But whatever.  I trust this girl.  I mean, she really did look good in that maxi dress.Image

Here’s a link to the TwirlyGirl website so you can see for yourself.  And as soon as I download the photos from the scrimmage, I’ll add those as well.  It really was pretty awesome!

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Child flips out when she receives a girls birthday dress

My seven year old girl is prone to screaming.  She yells when she’s happy, she hollers when she’s mad, she shouts when she’s bored, she yodels when it’s time to change the TV channel.  She’s not a quite child, that’s for sure.  But the loudest I’ve ever heard her was at her birthday party last week.  And it was my mother’s gift that did the trick.  My mom bought a girls birthday dress (which she first learned about here) and that’s what set my girl over the edge.  The girl was so overcome with the beauty of the dress, that she yelled at the top of her lungs.  I thought she was going to black out.  You could see the birds flying out of the trees, that’s how loud it was.  I thought my ear drums were going to burst.  And all this, simply because she received a birthday dress for girls!


I have to admit, though, that the dress was pretty spectacular.  The colors were so vivid and bright. The fabric was extraordinarily soft.  And the quality with which it was made was tremendous.  It made me wish I was a girl again.  My girl ran into the bathroom to try it on.  She came out spinning and twirling.  It put a huge smile on her face, but an even bigger smile on the faces of those who watched her.  What a joy!  Later, I asked grandma where she bought the girls birthday dress.  She told me online.  Damn, she’s hip!  She said she did a simple google search for “Girls birthday dresses” and she found a site called TwirlyGirl.  They make all their dresses for girls here in the United States, which is totally unusual these days.  I could tell by inspecting the dress that it was really well made, because I took some sewing classes when I was younger.  They use a 4 stitch overlock system, which is pretty unusual.  Most of the cheap dresses that can be bought in the big box stores use only 3.  And I also liked the fact that the seams were hidden.  Girls can freak out a lot when anything itchy touches the skin.  But not this TwirlyGirl dress.  This truly was a great birthday present for my girl.  No wonder she went through the roof when she first saw it.


So that’s it.  I also want to give a shout out to TwirlyGirl.  Thank you for your great work.  You’ve definitely made a fan for life.  Here’s a link to your website.  Hopefully other parents with kids will see the light too!  www.twirlygirlshop.comImage

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Girls Capri Leggings Flag Waves from Treehouse

My husband and girls spent the last eight weekends building a terrific treehouse in the backyard.  It really is cool.  Looks just like something out of the movies, complete with rope ladder, tire swing, and secret trap door in the floor.  There’s a bucket and pulley to haul up items from the ground. Like snacks, comic books, and iPads.  The only thing missing was a flag that would hang from the top, to announce to the neighborhood kids who the fort is occupied by.  My girls tossed around a bunch of ideas, then finally settled on one that they thought accurately represented their group.  Instead of a traditional banner, they decided to hang some leggings.  In fact, they got the idea to use girls capri leggings from this site and thought it described them perfectly.  Capri leggings for girls is probably the most popular garment in our house because of its versatility.  Our girls wear them while watching TV, or lounging after a sleepover instead of pajamas.  They can also be worn to dress up an outfit.  Capri leggings are worn underneath a skirt or dress to make the outfit warmer in the fall, or just to add a little pizazz to a somewhat plain look.  

I should add that the girls didn’t just use any old boring pair of capri leggings.  They hung a really cool and funky pair that they bought from TwirlyGirl, which is their favorite clothing website.  All of TwirlyGirl’s clothing is super cute, and manufactured entirely in the USA.  This was important because they didn’t want people to think foreigners were in their tree stronghold.  The capri leggings for girls that they sell have cool prints and patterns, and some of the legs are mismatched, making them extra funky.  My girls really love them.  


So that’s my blog update for this week.  I’ll attach photos as soon as my girls explain to me how to do it.  I know, I’m completely tech helpless.  If I want anything done, I usually have to ask my six year old girl to do it for me.  But as long as I talk about them and their capri leggings, they are happy to do it.  Oh yeah.  Here’s a link to the TwirlyGirl website if you want to see a picture of the leggings my girls used.

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Daughter Honors July 4th by Hanging Girls Maxi Dress from Flagpole

How do you celebrate July 4th in your town? I’m guessing you do something normal. Maybe see some fireworks, wave a flag, attend a parade, and have a barbecue with apple pie and hamburgers. Sounds right, no? Well, my girl did it a little differently this year. She wanted to celebrate it with something truly American. Problem is, nothing is manufactured in the USA anymore. Heck, not even the American flag that hangs from our porch was made in the country! We scoured the house to find something that was made here and it wasn’t easy. Not electronics, not our automobile, nothing from plastic, it was a freaking joke! Finally, after about 30 minutes, we discovered the one truly American thing in our house. It was my girls maxi dress (seen here.) Maxi dresses were very big in the 1970s, and now they are making a fashion comeback. And it just so happens that my girls favorite brand of maxi dress is made right here in the U.S. In downtown Los Angeles, California actually.

We were so happy to have found this out. My girl absolutely loves her maxi for the way it looks and for how comfortable it feels, but now she has another reason to like it. She wears it all the time. To school, to church, to playdates, to parties… you name it. She can dress it up for more formal occasions, and dress it down for more casual events. It truly is an everyday piece of clothing as far as she is concerned. But the one day she didn’t want to wear it was Independence Day. Now she had other, more important plans for it.

My girl took the maxi dress for girls and ran outside to our steps. She and her brother than attached it to the rope and ran it up the flag pole, for it to proudly wave. Our neighbor asked why we were waving a maxi dress instead of Old Glory and we explained. He loved the reason, and wished he had his own maxi to unfurl in the wind. We told him to go to TwirlyGirlShop on line, but I doubt he’ll do it. He’s an old guy. Unless he has grandchildren. I don’t really know. He might have a couple of girls somewhere in his family.

So, cheers to TwirlyGirl for being one of the few products that is still made domestically. You do us proud! But then again, we have come to associate quality with American merchandise, and that’s a big selling point with these clothing items. You wouldn’t believe just how well sewn this girls maxi dress is. The seams are hidden, and they use a four stitch overlock system on their garments, which is what makes them so great. They stand up to heavy use, and you can just toss them in the washer and dryer without any special care. These dresses are indestructible!

For a full look at the clothing that this company has to offer, please visit their site by clicking right here.Image

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