Girls Decorate Christmas Tree with Capri Leggings

It was mid December, and our family still hadn’t gotten around to decorating our Christmas tree. This, of course, was a source of consternation for our two girls, Malisha and Jane. The grew so impatient, they decided to do it themselves while I was still at work. And what did they use to adorn our tree? They most colorful and vivid thing they could find: their girls capri leggings they saw here. Capri leggings are very versatile. They can be worn under a skirt or a dress, or on their own to a playdate or gymnastics class. But I doubt they’ve ever been used like this. My girls are pretty creative, but I got to hand it to them. This one topped them all!

To be honest, our little X-mas bush looked terrific! Some of the leggings were striped, others solid, and others had patterns on them. And what did they use as stockings to hang over the fireplace? Yep, more girls capri leggings. They tied a knot in the bottom so that their loot would fall out, naturally. And for mistletoe hanging from the doorway, they also used a pair of capri leggings for girls. My kids were very resourceful, and decidedly sent a message to their lazy mother. So I turned their game on them. I made the decision that the first gift I give them would be a pair of capri leggings! Why not? They seemed to like them so much.

So I went online and did a google search. One of the top hits was a store called TwirlyGirl. For those who are interested, it turns out that they have a terrific assortment of capri leggings, as well as dresses, skirts, tops… you name it. And all of their clothes are made in the USA. Go America! So I picked out a few pair of girls capri leggings. I didn’t even have to wrap them, because all of their clothes come gift wrapped at no extra charge. It’s so cute. They wrap it in fabric and tie it in such a way that it looks like a giant piece of candy. My little stunt kind of backfired though. Because instead of thinking my present was a joke, they absolutely loved the leggings. The girls put them on immediately. Ha!

Anyway, go check out this TwirlyGirl place. You’ll love their products. Just don’t expect to give any as a practical joke. LOL. www.twirlygirlshop.comImage clot


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